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Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Online Dating Cold Call

I have NO idea what is happening, but I am experiencing a new type of online dating that I have never experienced before... otherwise known as, the online dating cold call (awesomely named by twitter friend @MattTheMedic). This is when you have never winked, eflirted, instant messaged or had any contact with someone before on a dating site and they claim you have.

This week I have received the following cold calls...

Thanks for the 'wink', I'm flattered!
Very cute profile...and, you live so close! I'd love to hear back from you. It's so beautiful out today...it would be great to meet you for a drink outside somewhere! Hope your interested and if so...send me a number to arrange!
Cold Call Guy 1

* When I first received this I was confused... did I wink at this guy? He doesn't look familiar. When in fact I was correct... I didn't wink at him. In fact he was significantly out of my age range (and spelled YOU'RE wrong). But, his tactic did make me give his profile a second glance... was I losing my mind?

Then... it happened again...

You winked at me, I winked at you or did I wink at you and forget? I've done that before....:)
If not, we should meet for a drink tonight.
Cold Call Guy 2

* I have never winked at or even checked out this guy and did he just ask me out for TONIGHT??

And, the third time's a charm!

Hey there, how's it going? I was just logging in and saw we rated each other high. It looks like we have plenty to argue about :), and you are cute as all get out, so I figured I probably should message you.
Cold Call Guy 3

* Hmmm... again, I am left baffled. I swear I didn't score this guy high and when you do give someone 4 or 5 stars and they rate you high OK Cupid sends you an email letting you know that you both find each other somewhat attractive. I never got that email... in fact, this guy got 1 star from me. If that is what we have to argue about, then he is correct.

So, this has me thinking... is this the new tactic in online dating? Do I start emailing guys thanking them for their wink? Is this happening to anyone else?

Things that make you go hmmm...


  1. I have gotten a couple of these but I usually think they are scammers or just something is not right. I certainly wouldn't send my number or meet someone immediately so it kind of sets off a red flag for me. I don't really want to talk to someone who thinks they need to "trick" me into talking to them anyway!

  2. I'm actually glad to know that I'm not alone in this... This happened to me just this week. Got an e-mail from a guy who claimed I was 'stalking' his profile. I had to go back & see if I had ever looked at it! I had, but unless he's some kind of computer genius w/special software that tracks those things, how could he know if I had looked at his profile more than once, since the website isn't set up for that? Creepy... BUT, would it work in reverse?!

  3. I'm pretty sure those are either spammers or idiots.

    I've gotten an email from a guy who wanted to meet right away, but admitted that it was an unusual request and spelled you're correctly, which made the request less creepy.

  4. I think it's the system or company gaming it so you stay on the site longer.

    But I'm a cynic.