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Saturday, June 4, 2011

March Madness and Another "Really?" Date

First off, so sorry for the lack of posts! Work has been getting the best of me. I have however, been dating away and some of the dates haven't really been blog-worthy (you can follow me on twitter and I live tweet from my dates in the valet line and bathroom for your enjoyment! @mylifeonmatch). Just a plethora of nice guys that aren't for me. But... then again, there are few that I can talk about. Today's post with feature, March Madness Man. We'll call him 3M.

So, 3M and I met on OK Cupid. I hadn't been out in a while and he reached out. He seemed like a nice guy. 38, tall, brown hair and lived within 20 miles of me. (Side note: As many of you in LA know, anything over 20 miles, and sometimes under, can be a long distance relationship. Sometimes it can take you 20 minutes to get to your date and sometimes it can take you 2 hours. More than likely, it always the latter.)

3M and I emailed a few times and decided to meet at a sports bar on the third street promenade in Santa Monica. Earlier in the day, I checked in via text to make sure we were still on and he texted me back saying he was bowling for a charity event and would try to make it as close to 1pm as possible. We settled on 1pm so we could grab a bite and watch the game of one of my favorite Pac-10 (now Pac-12) teams.

I leave my house giving me ample time to get there park and meet him out front. At 12:50pm I roll in and see a table up front. Since it is a packed sports bar I grab the table as soon as I can. Also, since it is a busy bar, I have to order something in order to keep the table. So, I order a beer, take off my sweater, aim myself towards the TV and wait.

1pm rolls by.... I get a text, "I'm on my way! Sorry, bad traffic."

1:15pm rolls by... nothing.

1:20pm... I'm getting a little annoyed and now a little embarrassed that I am holding this table for myself in a land of cute guys all with their friends cheering on the game. I send 3M a text, "I got us a great table. I'm wearing jeans and a pink and white top. Hope to see you soon."

1:30pm... Text from 3M. "Hey, trying to park. Wow, the traffic is bad around here." The entire time I'm thinking, "Duh... have you NEVER been to Santa Monica on a Saturday?"

1:45pm... 3M rolls in.
Him: "Wow. Had to no idea how bad the traffic would be."
Me: "How long have you lived in LA?"
Him: "10 years"


Me: "Ok. Well, sorry. I had to order a drink to save us this table. Hope you don't mind."
Him: "No, but is that your first drink?"
Me: "Um, yes." Did he expect me not to drink or to be wasted?
Him: "Well, I just had a bunch of bowling food, but could really go for some fries. You want something?"
Me: "I think I'll have another drink." I'm also thinking... aren't fries bowling food?

Now, 3M is a nice guy, but again (you guys know my luck with the online dating scene), his pictures are definitely a few years old. 3M is balding and supporting a tummy that could easily pass for a woman in her 2nd trimester.

Back to the game that is getting good.
Him: "Who are you rooting for?"
I tell him the team I like and why I like them (no, I didn't go to school there, but know a bunch of people who did). He then decides to make things interesting that he is going to root for the other team, just because.

Now, I'm a competitive person, but really? We're supposed to get to know each other on this date. He was 45 minutes late and is now going to root against me?

Throughout the game and the bucket of fries, we talk about what we do. It's like we're on two different planets. He says he is saving the world on his profile. He works in politics (and is on the other side of spectrum than I am). I say I'm saving the world on my profile. I work for a number of nonprofits. Ok, neither of us are really saving the world, but come on...

Back to the game... we're in double overtime. My team is playing awesome, but the game is close. 3M is now standing up and cheering on the other team... JUST. BECAUSE. My team loses. 3M is now laughing. And just like that the date was over. I'm not a poor sport, but I am a little annoyed. We have also run out of things to talk about.

We leave on nice terms... "Great meeting you. Thanks for the beer!" But, my interest level in him is at a zero. I think nothing of it and head home. At least I got to see the game on the big screen.

A MONTH LATER, 3M calls and leaves a message on my cell. I have saved it because it still makes me laugh. "Hey, Emily, It's 3M from OK Cupid (like it's his company). Was just calling to check in and say hi. I hope we can still be friends. Maybe I'll run into you again sometime? Talk soon!"

Did he just give me the "I hope we can be friends" line? It's like he broke up with me and we went on one date, a MONTH ago!

Again, another great experience, but goes down in my books as a "really?" date because every time I think about it the only word that comes to mind is "really?"