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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Geography of Online Dating

As we know, different sites attract different people. But, what I didn't know is that this foray in online dating love is just a big geography game!

For example... while I have found that eharmony in Los Angeles is full of IT guys and techies, it apparently attracts a totally different kind of guy on the East Coast. Another observation? OK Cupid is crawling with "aspiring actors" and "filmmakers" in Los Angeles, but is a engineer's dream in North Carolina.

So, what gives? Are there just different guys out there who are willing to try online dating or are they looking for something more specific? Are "aspiring actors" just looking for their next meal in LA and are the Techies looking for someone to bring home to the family for the holidays?

I feel like I have a good grasp on the online dating game, but am stumped with this one. Is the key to finding love opening up my mind to a cross country romance? Remember, I think driving to Orange County from LA is a long distance relationship.

I need to know... what does each site offer you in your town? When we get more specifics, I'll add them to the map. As of now we have Peter Pans, Aspiring Actors/Filmmakers, Cowboys/All-American Men, Techies/Engineers and Ex-Frat Guys/Sports Fans. Am I missing anything?
Boys, don't worry, I'm happy to make a map for you. What's out there? Is Plenty of fish full of potential one-night-stands? Do the girls on OK Cupid not leave enough to the imagination? Spill.


  1. OK Cupid = Free for broke "aspiring actors"
    eHarmoney = Paid site for nerds with paying jobs

    I'm just spit-balling over here ;)

  2. I live in Southeast Alabama near the Florida/Georgia boarder. The guys on OkCupid here are generally rednecks with no education or pilots at the local Army base looking for a quick lay. Granted, I'm sure there are exceptions, but I've not found any in my age group (30s). As for eHarmoney... I have to travel to Montgomery (1.5 hrs northwest) or Tallahassee, Florida (2 hrs southeast) to meet anyone even on the site! Yeah, no more eHarmony for me.

    So, it's rather apparent that I am in dating hell. :/ Which begs the question... Why did I move here?

  3. POF and OkCupid in south TN/north GA - 25-35 year olds, either blue collar, or "going back to school", 9 out of 10 state they are "looking for a good hearted woman." (No, really, check their profiles, I'm not kidding.) And 98% of them send first messages that consist of "your[sic] pretty", "hi", "how are you", or some variation on the above. In other words, an online dating black hole.

  4. Yep, that has been my experience too. However, it seems like the ATL area is considerably better.

  5. Southern California.

    OKC = Engineers and LOTS of them!
    Match = variety. I don't think I actually met any engineers when I used the site 2x in 2009! Umm, guys working in insurance?
    POF = variety. Quite a few guys working in "real estate" or whatever that means! Unemployed??

  6. Vancouver, BC (Canada) [Make Map Bigger lol]

    POF...trades people...generally nice...generally *sorry* not so bright

    Eharmony...BAs (BScs) & above...engineers, teachers, business execs.

    Match...old guys and non-active profiles (lots of people who join for free but ditch when asked to pay)

    OKC...kind of like POF only way less guys and way less *sorry* attractive (guys with bright orange hair, nerds who aren't even smart, guys under 5'4, basically it's freak city...but then again a guy on POF named snakesomething just saved me as a favorite so basically weirdos everywhere)

  7. I recall leaving a comment here....hmmmm.... >:-(