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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Is 30 the new 50?

This is what is currently winking at me...
This is what I would prefer to be winking at me!

As many of you know, I recently turned 30. I love being 30. My twenties kinda blew. Lots of man drama and no wedding ring, so I entered my thirties with a "This is my decade!" attitude. Unfortunately, the men on match.com do not feel the same way. So, I ask you... is match only for women in their twenties?

I think a study should be done on online dating in your twenties and thirties. I got to experience firsthand what happens from the last week you are 29 to the first week you are 30. Cute guys in their thirties no longer even list you as something they are looking for. Most 35-year-old men are looking for girls between 25 and 29. Damn, I used to be one of them! Now, I fall into a new category... The men between 45 and 65 who are looking for a younger piece of ass.

Have you seen It's Complicated yet? I am not interested in the Lake Bell role who has to sleep with Alec Baldwin. I don't care how much money is at stake. Ewww...

So, the rules of online dating are changing for me. I no longer can sit around hoping to get emails and winks from people I'm actually attracted to. Now, I have to WORK at it. Yes, I spend a good 30 minutes a day now crafting emails, winking away and trying to talk men my age into thinking I'm not that much older than I was a few months ago. Hello? I still get carded!

I'm back on Match (Elle is too!) and am positive I'll have some great stories for 2010. The winking grandpas will no doubt be a post soon!