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Monday, July 19, 2010

But, wait... I don't like you!

I have been dating A LOT recently. And by dating, I mean going off my "ist" list and seeing what else there is out there. My type obviously hasn't been working for me (according to my family who continually remind me that I'm not married), so I've been dating a variety of people. (I.e. Cameron and Kyle).

Now, from my blog posts you can see that there hasn't been a lot of chemistry or even a blip of connection with any of these guys. But, I'm still bummed and this is why...


As I have said, I knew these dates weren't anything to write home about, but I wanted them to like me. I have lots of friends, feel like I make a great first impression, but no phone calls and no email follow up from my last few dates. Yes, I know this is selfish, but doesn't everyone want to be liked? I want to be the one that tells these guys that I wasn't feelin' it, but best of luck on their search for love. But, I haven't had the chance.

Again, I know I'm being silly and irrational, but it is one thing to reject and a totally other thing to be rejected.


  1. well it's brave of you to expose that, but I must say it's pretty sadistic to wish someone would follow up just so you can be the one who rejects them. Shouldn't you be grateful and justified that the feeling is mutual? This is so dark. Actually, I love it. Life on Match, my old friend, you are now officially worthy of a Love in the Dumps crown!

  2. ps. i have a match date tonite. shoot me now.

  3. this is the shittiest feeling. like, i wasn't digging that guy, but according to me, i'm awesome, so why the frig doesn't he like me? he needs to acknowledge i'm the star in our pairing!

    but i guess, you know, if there's no chemistry, both parties can feel it. except the creepos... and we don't want those around anyway.

  4. I've been in the situation before; do you think that they can sense when you're not into them, so they don't bother calling/emailing/texting after the date b/c they have a feeling that they'll be rejected? I'm totally with you, though - they SHOULD be into me even if I'm not into them. ;-)