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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"I Can Do Better Than You!"

I read this on The Huffington Post yesterday and had to blog about it. This is insane! Much thanks to Catharine Smith for writing about this! It brings the online dating world to a yet another new dimension.

Next time you meet Mr. Right Now from Match and that little nagging voice in the back of your brain is telling he's just not your caliber of hotness, snap a pic with your iPhone and post it up on CanDoBetter.com. Here, people will help you decide if you can, indeed, do better.

The thing that I don't understand is that site is calling itself a dating sight. Social Networking, fine, but dating site? Um, no.

According to CNN Money, 'Single men and women can upload pictures of a possible dating partner and get recommendations from users about their possible suitor.'

Again, I'm a bit confused. While I have a tendency for dating hot, yet emotionally unavailable men, isn't beauty in the eye of the beholder? For example, when I was 6 I asked my mom how ugly people got married. (Yes, I was already quite bitchy and turning into a Lindsay Lohan Mean Girl before my parents very eyes!) Despite my rude question, my mom told me that everyone has different tastes in who they are going to marry and that I probably won't like the same guys as my sisters or friends. Shocker! My mom was right. I love my brother-in-laws, but would I walk up to either of them in a bar? Probably not.

The quote from the CEO of www.candobetter.com really cracks me up though... "We understand singles are searching for quality, not quantity, and CanDoBetter.com increases the odds of finding a suitable dating partner."

In LA's dating terms... people will always think you can do better with the hot, out of work actor who has no money, is in his early 30s, can't go out a night because he is bartending and lives with 5 other guys in Hollywood, but will shun the cute, nerdy yet creative advertising guy who can afford his own apt and a nice dinner out.

So, if you really care what others think of you when you're walking down the street, this site is for you. If you care about who you are getting naked with, then I would pass.

Friday, March 5, 2010

When Match.com "matches" You with an Ex

I know sometimes you think I might be lying to you, but all of these things actually do happen to me!

The back-story: In my mid-twenties I was dating an amazing man. He was 33, creative, gorgeous, tall, smart, fun - the list goes on. But, now that I'm in my 30s, I realize that he was dating someone 6 years younger because he wasn't ready for the next step (which most women his age were!). So, on my birthday and 8 days before my sister's wedding (do you see the signs??) he decided that he didn't like the direction our relationship was heading (we had been dating a year) and broke up with me. (To answer your question, yes, I attended my sister's wedding alone with everyone asking where my cute boyfriend was!)

About a year later, I was back on Match and checking out what else was out there... Funny thing, my Ex-Boyfriend was what was out there. So, I held my head high (shed a tear or two, come on, I'm a girl!) and kept searching.

Two weeks later I got this email in my Match.com inbox... "Hi E. Hope you're doing well. So, Match says we're 97% compatible! How's it going for you?"

At this point, I literally jumped up from my office chair (when else are you online dating?) and ran to dish with the girls down the hall. Seriously, you dump me a week before my sister's wedding and on my BIRTHDAY and you send me THAT???

So, that night I put on my big girl pants, had a few glasses of wine and responded with... "Damn that 3%."

Match compatibility has to do with height, religion, drinking and hair (or lack there of). I think they might need a new scale (that is nothing like eHarmony's!) And the search continues!