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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Will The Real Slim Shady Please Sit Down: Date 2

Since Date 1 sucked so much, I was ready and excited for Date 2. The guy looked cute in his pics and had so far done everything right... he was coming to me, had set the time and place and confirmed that morning via email. Yay! A planner!

Lets call him Kyle... because he looked a lot like the character Kyle from the movie Road Trip! Again, NOTHING LIKE HIS PICS!!! In his pics he was scruffy, a little nerdy, but cute. In person he was SUPER skinny and gawky. I wasn't remotely interested in him physically.

We met for a drink at a local restaurant. As you can imagine, I was a little shocked when I walked up and saw Kyle standing there waiting for me. Hmmm... This can't be the guy that I have been chatting with!?

We grabbed a seat at the bar as I surveyed the restaurant... hot guys everywhere. I was in a Target Rich Environment with KYLE. Boo.

The waitress came over and I ordered a glass of wine. Kyle ordered Iced Tea. No!! Not Again! Apparently he had a big day tomorrow and said that if he had one drink he wouldn't get anything done.

As I sipped on my wine, Kyle and I chatted. He, too, wanted to know if he was what I was expecting. I responded with "for the most part!" but, I think he could tell I was still a little shocked. Like my discussion with Cameron, Kyle and I didn't seem to have much in common. On paper, we were a match, but in person he was brash and overly opinionated for a first date.

About a hour into to the date, I asked Kyle if he was hungry and if he wanted to share something from the Happy Hour menu. He told me that he had had a late lunch and wasn't hungry. GREAT.

About 20 mins later, after we had debated the importance of people becoming teachers in the U.S. (don't ask), I asked for the check (it was all of $8, that he paid for - thank you!!), and we headed out. I told him that I was starving and was going to head over to Whole Foods, which was across the way, to grab dinner.

Kyle thought that was a great idea and walked me there. Yes, he didn't want to eat anything at dinner, but had no problem walking me to a grocery store so I could get my own.

Fun times. I'm taking a break for the rest of the week from online dates, but hope the near future has something better to offer.


  1. You think he was maybe going through a "financial rough patch" seems a little fishy that you'd go on a date and not drink and eat!

  2. Meh meh meh to online dating! I had a similar experience this week - will be posting later today! Why oh why can't people just look like their pics? It's just going to hurt you in the end!

  3. HAHAH!! I don't know what is the sick allure of reading about bad dates. Does it lessen the pain of our own? I think so! PS is that him in the picture?? Greasy McGreaser

  4. Ha, wow, so similar to singlegirlblogging (as noted above!) on her blog today...and eek to Kyle from Road Trip. ha...sorry, not funny so much...

  5. I feel like a cheat if I don't post a picture that shows the real me- so my newest picture is prob a month old. I'm assuming guys think that by posting their very best picture and wooing us with their witty character will give them an advantage when we realize we're getting Mel Gibson instead of George Clooney