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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ok Cupid... Really? Lets have better aim...

Dear Cupid,

Did you really shoot these people with arrows? Maybe the arrows you shot me with didn't have the love dust on them? Maybe I'm immune? Lets try to have better aim next time. Ok?


These are just two of the many RANDOM emails I got on Ok Cupid this weekend. Had to share...

Email 1:
OK, so hopefully you haven't erased this and are still reading. Truth be told, I wouldn't be surprised if you did, based on geography alone. Both you and I did put down "near me" as one of the main things to look for, right next to straight and single.

BUT, it's not every day that I find a 97% match with a fairly large sample size. So, like you said in your profile, you just gotta put yourself out there. You never know unless you try, you miss 100% of all shots you don't take, and all those other cliches are kinda applicable. I'd be remiss if I didn't make an overture.

So I have to ask:
1) DVR or TiVo?
2) Ever been to Nashville? It's basically LA/Hollywood for country singers. Every bar has live music, every night. Every waitress and waiter are aspiring music stars. It's pretty cool, and I'm not all that into country but was very much inspired by the vibe.

OK, that was random enough. Thanks for taking a break to read this far, and hope you're still interested, or at the very least mildly intrigued. Best of luck for whatever and whomever it is you're looking for, look forward to hearing from you soon!

This guy has no confidence! Not sexy. And... he's from a city almost all the way across the country. What part of within 25 miles didn't he understand? I think that there are places in Los Angeles county that count as a "long distance" or "geographically undesirable" relationship.

Email 2:
So Beautiful, I rate you 5 plus
I found you on OKC today and surprise me... how beautiful you are. just awesome... So, I decide to drop few word, when I read your profile and saw photos.
You don't have to tell others, we met somewhere else. met online is fine by me.
I love bottle of wine and add some cheese to enhance, while watching movies.
I love cooking at home or look for great food all over the places, even if I have to take trip to get it. I think I am confident, generous to anyone I do care. more like old fashion in some way.
I hope to hear back from you.


The search continues!


  1. Wow...really? So sad, isn't it? I get random ones too, and it's obvious there is little attention or time spent on their emails!

  2. "I think I am confident" - that's an oxymoron and a half! LOL

  3. LOL...I too just wrote an entire blogpost on wacko emails...AND I could probably write at least ten more. Yikes, what are people thinking about when they write these??

  4. I usually just get messages that say, "How r u?" or "U R pretty." Aaaaand, that's it. I would be excited to get a random message like yours! ;)

  5. Oh my. Well a few questions from your dear old eFlirt Expert. Are you searching on your own also? Go out and find that perfect guy. ;)
    Also, you can set filters on Okcupid (i.e. they must live within a certain number of miles from you or they can't email you). Since it is a free site, it helps target matches better and keeps out some of the riff raff. Can't wait to hear more about your adventures!

  6. Hahaha! When the Guy #2 said he decided to "drop a few word," he wasn't kidding. He didn't bother to drop them into any kind of sentence format, but what the hell? Ah, online dating. Really gives you a glimpse of the crazies.

  7. Guy #2 is exactly why I have under the 'Message Me if' part, "How about you NOT message me if you can't use proper sentence structure and you like to use social networking slang such as 'u', 'r', and 'ur'. I will not respond to such messages." Sounds kinda bitchy, but it gets the point across. :)

  8. Gena, my profile says that too! I actually get more nasty messages picking on me for that than I get messages from guys who are interested in me. But I can't read text message code without making myself insane.

  9. I LOVE these comments and am happy to know I'm not alone! Laurie - to answer a few of your questions... Oh, yes, I am searching on my own and loved your recent Examiner article on how to not be too aggressive in online dating. I have set the filters on all of the sites I'm on and it seems to do no good... these winners still make it past go. But, at least I'm getting a good giggle out of it. :) The search continues!

  10. MY OkC has been SUCKING lately..... UGH!! I seriously have had NO luck.