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Thursday, May 6, 2010

I'm an ...Ist. I know.

When you're a little girl you dream of Prince Charming. Thanks to Disney, they are all tall, dark and handsome. So, can you really blame me (or any other women out there for that matter) for wanting something similar? I say, no.

But, now that I'm older and supposed to be more mature, I have come to the conclusion and finally admit that I am an "ist." I'm an agist, heightist, jobist, etc. You name it and I have the "ist" for it.

If I meet someone in a bar and they're under 28, I roll my eyes and think "you're too young to date!" On my online dating profile I have a line in there that says, "If you are young enough for me to have babysat or old enough to be my dad, I'm not interested." Do you know how many men over the age of 45 seriously think I would go out with them?

I'm also a heightist. Yes, a heightist. I LOVE men over 6'. I feel safe and small and feminine. I love being able to hug a man and have my head hit his chest. I actually have the talent of knowing how tall most men are by where I hit them when we hug (with heels on and off!). That being said, if you're under 5'11, I move on. This is a problem. I know this is a problem. Do you know how many HOT men there are under 5'8 let alone 6'? Just watch Vampire Diaries as many of them are on there.

I'm trying to get over my "ist's" and am working on dating people I normally wouldn't have in the past. I've been told that if you can find 6 out of 10 things that you really want in your mate you're in good shape. So, we'll see what happens!

When I end up with a 26-year-old, blond, 5'6, actor who I'm madly in love with I'll be able to myself "I told you so!"

What kind of "ist" are you?


  1. My ists are easy... but it's an est - honest...

    of course, I like little, cuddly, and intelligent...

  2. I like that! I think "est" is a great way to go!

  3. I'm cutting back on my "ist" list too! There are a few deal-breakers, but I changed my height requirement, age range and kid criteria. We shall see what happens :)

  4. Girl, I'm a sexist. Sorry, I just needed to be the first to write that. =)

    I, too, am a bit of a height-ist. I don't date gals under 5'8" as I'm 6'4" myself, so I can appreciate where you're coming from. I'll tell you, though, those shorties come out in full-force on dating sites I've been on in the past.

  5. I'm a total -ist, too! Yikes...

    Since I'm really short (think, under 5'), I like my men tall. Like 6' to 6'1". Once I dated a guy who was 5'5" and it literally weirded me out! What can I say, I like to feel safe, like you :) Then again, it's the tall ones who usually go for me, so... Also, I dated a guy who was 32 recently (I'm 24) and that was awkward. Mostly thanks to him. So I need to try to NOT be an age-ist, either. I'm trying!

  6. I'm a face-ist (not a fascist, mind you). I love pretty boys. It's a terrible, terrible weakness. And I really wish I weren't because the pretty ones also tend to be the douchey ones. Also kind of a weight-ist. I like my men to be fit. Eeeek, I feel pangs of guilt just writing this!

  7. I am so glad to know that I'm not alone in the ist world! But, tall boy... us shorties like you! We hit your chest in just the right spot :)

  8. yeah get over it! makes you feel 'feminine'? is this 1961?? ;0 (I obv have issues with my being 5'8 ahha)