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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Love Den - If You Make It, They Will Come

I was just looking at my room and remember chatting with my friends a while back about making my room more of a "hospitable environment" for men. A Field of Dreams of sorts... "If I make it, they will come" (in more ways than one!) type place.

I learned this lesson long ago... no matter what your interior design taste may be, women cannot have bedding that is too feminine. Ladies, listen up... the shabby chic floral print needs to go.

Below are a few examples that yell... "Yes, I lost my virginity in college, but we were both drunk. I now have my own place, decorated how I like it, but haven't had sex in two years." You can't have anything too retirement home or too barely legal.

Here are few examples of bedding that I think create an "I'm a big girl, have great taste and want some lovin'" atmosphere... (think unisex! Yes, the word has SEX in it, hint, hint.)

If you need floral, try something modern and organic like these.

Don't take my word for it, but I have made my room "fuck friendly" and they have "come." Tee hee!


  1. I kind of believe you on that. Though not the pillows. I've learned. Boys don't like all the extra pillows. :)

  2. Hahaha! I totally agree! Hide the extra pillows before you go out or if you're expecting company. The perfect entry for HUMP day.

  3. Hilarious post! Never really thought about that! My current bedding is dark blue (a boy color!) with white flowers, and no male has ever complained about it. Happy medium! (Plus, it's a SUPER comfortable bed and I always hide the extra pillows when I know a male might be coming...)

    Now, if only I could get a guy in my comfy bed again, lol! :)