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Friday, July 15, 2011

My DREAM guy - The list!

Everyone says that when you put something you want out there in the universe it is more likely to come true. Well, I'm going to put this to the test. I put together the characteristics I would like in my dream man. Yes, some of these things are negotiable, but I'm talking DREAM man here, not some Joe Shmoe off the street!

Here it is:
Over 6'
Dark hair (light eyes are a huge plus)
Has drive (family and job)
College graduate
Can carry an intellectual conversation
Challenges me
Up-to-date with news and pop culture
Social drinker
Doesn't smoke
2-6 yrs older than me
Has siblings and a relationship with his family
Physically fit
Likes to play and watch sports
Finds me sexy
Loves me for who I am and the way I am
Likes the arts (museums, plays, etc.)
Enjoys good food & going out to dinner
Wants kids
Likes dogs and doesn't have a cat
Financially stable
Lives in or wants to live in Southern California
Good communicator (email, phone, in person)
Has a career
Likes music (even country)
Is funny/ has a good sense of humor
Is affectionate
Likes my family
Has good teeth
Is kind
Has good manners
Is outgoing (doesn't need to be entertained in a group)
Has his own circle of friends
Has traveled (even a little)

If I had to compare him to a TV character, I would probably want to date Ted Mosby from How I Met Your Mother.

Is this too much to ask? Probably, but I'm throwing it out there anyway! This is what my ideal guy would look like...

Ok, universe, do your magic!


  1. When you find him can you ask if he has a brother for me? Thanks!

  2. Or a twin for me?

    The over 6' isn't a requirement for me since I'm 4'10"...but for some reason I always date men close to that height! ;) I would also add "passionate about anything" and remove the SoCal location, as I'm open to living anywhere since I'm currently in NYC. I know you'll find him!

  3. Same to you both! If you find him in your town, please give him my email or see if he has a brother. :)

  4. I hate TED MOSBY!!!!! Ahhhh he is so annoying!!! Now Justin Walker...thats a dream guy.

    Also why does he have to be 2 - 6 years older than you? Just a question.

  5. How can you hate Ted Mosby? He's a romantic at heart... But, this is why we all marry different people, right?

    2-6 years older is just something that I know I work better with. Even when I was little I was always acting older than my age. But, again, this is a dream list, someone my age or younger who I love and loves me back is just fine too :)