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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Is it possible to have the Happiness TRIFECTA?

My friends and I have talked about this for years and all agree that the Happiness Trifecta may just be an urban legend, but for me, it has always been something that I can't seem to get around! For those of you who don't know what it is, the Happiness Trifecta (I'm working on my Trademark and copyright as we speak!) is when everything is going great in your love life, home life and work life all at the same time. Yes, it seems insane, because it is. With things like Murphy's Law the minute one thing seems to be going well something else gets all effed up.

For example, you get a great job and move into a new huge apartment with ocean views. The minute things are going well, your boyfriend breaks up with you.

Then, work seems to be going well, your house is all decorated and you meet someone new. A month later you get laid off and you're back to where you started.

Now, while I believe the Happiness Trifecta to be a governing movement in my life, I always add the elusive "health" factor in too. This just makes things annoying... things are going great and then I'm walking around with swine flu!

So, I ask you all out there is the Happiness Trifecta something you believe in? Think about it and let me know...


  1. Even if it can be obtained I don't think it can be maintained. However, while everything isn't going to be great all the time I think if you can get to where most things are mostly good most of the time you have a lot to smile about. And that can make the tough stuff easier to deal with.

  2. Yes, sometimes it seems the moment all things seem to be going smashing, something slaps you across the face like a cold fish...illness, a death in the family, a breakup or The One That Got Away slips back into your life when you're in a great relationship.

  3. Happiness defined personally by us. When I feel down, unhappy and lonely I'll start counting my blessing. I have a great job, ups and down families (hehehehe), good career, lovely friends, movie, book and cooking..I feel happy!!. Doesnt mean single will make you unhappy. That is old paradigm hehehe..by the way I'm happy being single..

  4. I love these comments! I agree, being in a relationship doesn't equal happy. I guess I mean "when all things are going well" at the same time. Keep the thoughts coming. LOTS to think about!

  5. I totes believe in the Happiness Trifecta!! It's a thing I'm trying to move away from and not always waiting for the other shoe to drop. Like I got this great promotion, and everything is great with my new place and then the garage door breaks and the shower busts! Bleh. I guess it's better to always wait for things to get better and not worse...right?

  6. For many people, I think that the Trifecta is like God. We believe in it because we must, otherwise we may just go mad and off ourselves out of despair. But it's also like God in the sense that its existence has neither been proven nor has it been disproven. So a leap of faith in that direction isn't totally irrational.

    I'll stop rambling now :)