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Monday, September 13, 2010

My Sexting Cherry Has Been Popped

I still don't really know how this happen. One day I was a sexting virgin and the next day I'm sending things in texts I wouldn't do in real life... Who is this slutty girl and how the hell did she get her hands on my iPhone? Oh, wait... that scandalous sexting girl is me!

So, the last week has been filled with confusion, dates and sexts all having almost nothing to do with each other.

Lets start with the sexting. Midweek I went on a lunch date with a guy friend. I guy I have known for ages. I even dated one of his friends. We were going to lunch because I wanted to set him up with one of my friend's friends. Somewhere between lunch and getting back to our offices (a 5-minute walk) the emails began. Over the afternoon, the emails were flirty, fun and a little risque. Once day turned to night the emails turned to sexts.

If you were in my apartment with me, my face would have looked something like this...

Two days and 562 texts sent and received later, my face looked like this:

Over the weekend I slowly turned into Pavlov's dog of sexting. I would hear the ding of texts coming in and all of the blood would rush down to my nether region. Words like naughty, tits, and cock were filling me head. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm no saint, but I'm not a one-night-stand kind-of-girl either.

In the midst of all of this, I'm also getting completely PG texts from a guy I've been out with a few times (we'll call him the Banker). The Banker is so nice, great on paper and "hopes I'm having a great day" every morning. The problem? I'm not all that physically attracted to him (although he is a good kisser). And all I can think about is getting slammed against a wall letting sexting boy have his way with me.

No, I haven't seen sexting boy in person since our lunch, but our sexts sessions have been wild and have taken place everyday from about noon to two and then 9-11 every night for almost a week.

It's like I have a devil and angel on my shoulders and need to make a decision... or I could just play this whole thing out and see what happens. The nice guy who wants to take me on dates and tells me I'm pretty or the sexter or wants me to send him pics of my boobs, but gets me all hot and bothered (yes, he is cute and has a job)?

Also... have you noticed that when it rains, it pours? No dates all of August and now I have 4 set up for next week. This dating/sexting this is exhausting, but you won't hear my complaining!

I wanna hear everyone's take on sexting. I'm still trying to figure out how it's such a huge fad with teens. Are they THAT sexually active that they have the knowledge of what to sext or do they just watch a lot of porn and follow the leader? Just so you know, phrases like "you naughty, dirty girl" are SO passe.


  1. I had my first sexting experience earlier this summer (I'm in my mid-30s). What started as a mild "Hey, it's a hot day, I'll send him a picture of me looking saucy in my bikini top," turned into GRAPHIC pictures (him) and cagey staged shots (me), followed eventually by "Oh well you can't see my face so..." (me). It was surprisingly fun. But that's also where it stopped. He never closed the deal. I eventually deleted the pictures & the texts he had sent me. I really hope he's done the same. I haven't heard from him in months.

    All that to say-- it's fun, but for some guys, I think that's where it starts & stops. I'd definitely do it again, but I think it would be better with someone I was dating. As foreplay it's pretty amazing. Gotta love technology.

  2. For me, sexting can be a nice primer between the absences when you're in a relationship and you want to build up that anticipation for when you'll next see each other again. Problem is, sometimes we wind up sexting things we wouldn't really say or do in person, and expectations get funky. But I agree with GroundedGirl, the foreplay can be quite spicy and help tease you both up for when you do finally get your hands on each other in person again.

    Oddly enough, my first sexting began with a "just friend"...which eventually turned into a friends with benefits situation. As fun as that started, I don't think I'd go down that road again.

  3. That's just it... I have no idea if we are ever going to seal the deal!! It's killing me. I want to be wined and dined and then slammed against a wall :) I need a mixture of the Banker and Sexter.

  4. I know it may be against your standard operating procedures, buy maybe you just need to give the sexter a shot. Meet for a couple of drinks and go at it like teenagers after the prom. And let it be known that that's the intentions. Do the wine and dine later if the chemistry is right, but what's wrong with a little fun. And he's got your mind so scrambled the nice Banker isn't going to stand a chance. What's going to be fun is when you accidentally send a boob shot to the banker or tell him you can't wait to see his cock. His face will look like the first picture! Good luck, have fun, and be safe! I'm jealous!!- Craig

  5. Craig... you rock. And I love the fact that you used the word "cock" in your comment. I'm all hot and bothered again :)

  6. You REALLY want to know my sexting stories? I don't think so. Maybe over lunch one day.

  7. Go ahead and have fun! What's there to lose?

  8. One time we sexted our landlord by mistake. Never put the landlord in your phone. Ever.

    We love your stories! We read every one!