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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Match.com - The Game!

When I first jumped on the online dating train, I was nervous.  Nervous to have my photo and info out there and nervous that I would meet someone, they would be a crazy killer and I would be drugged and chopped up into a bunch of pieces.   So, one of my friends suggested we turn it into a game.  I LOVE games and am very competitive.  GAME ON.     

He and I were both on Match so we broke things up into a point system.  
  • You wink at someone - 1 point  (cannot count for more than 25% of your total score)
  • Someone winks back at you - 1 point  (cannot count for more than 25% of your total score)
  • Someone of the same sex winks at you - 2 points 
  • Someone you would actually want to go out with winks at you - 2 points
  • Someone winks at your from a different country - 3 points (you cannot have winked at them first to receive full points.  PS. This has totally happened to me.  A 65-year-old man from Japan winked at me.  I did not wink back.  But, EXTRA POINTS!) 
  • Someone who is old enough to be your parent winks or emails you - 1/2 point (ewww!)
  • Someone emails you - 1 point
  • Someone emails you with no grammar or spelling errors! (Those of you who are online dating know this is very rare!) - 2 points
  • Someone emails you who you actually want to go out with - 3 points
  • You exchange "real" email addresses! - 3 points
  • You go on a Match.com date - 5 points
  • You go on a 2nd date with someone you met on Match - 5 points
  • You date someone off Match.com for longer than 6 weeks and then break-up.  No points, but the other player pays for your new subscription so they have someone to "play" with!
The first one to 100 points owed the other one dinner.  Duh, I won.  I was winking and sending emails like it was my job.   I also went on some very interesting dates.  Don't worry - those stories are coming this week.  Fun times, get excited! 

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