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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Not my kind of "Out Of This World"

As many of my tweeple know, I went on a date last week that was in one word "odd." But, let me start from the beginning.

I was playing my usual late name game of quickmatch on OK Cupid. You know how some people are addicted to Angry Birds? That's me with quickmatch. I can't rate 'em fast enough! (BTW, they are mostly 1-2 stars! What up cupid - get with the program and get some better aim!) I finally came across a guy who seemed decent, had a job and normal things to say. So I gave him 4 stars and hoped for the best.

The next morning I got a wink and an email from said mystery man and 2 days later we had a date planned for early the next week. I appreciated a lot of things from his emailing... he used correct grammar, spelled whole words and planned the date that was on my side of town. The best part? The date was at a wine bar!

Side note: I figure that bars are a great place for a first date because they have alcohol to divert the attention if need be and the drinks tend to let some nervous or shy people come out of their shell (ps. I don't need alcohol to be me. I was born shell-less).

In his emails he told me that he looked like Clark Kent. Hmm... the expectations were now VERY high. Who actually looks like Clark Kent??

About an hour late I met "Clark" at the bar. He was waiting for me outside (in the rain!) and had already taken the liberty of getting us a table and wine cards. At this point I'm thinking "WOO HOO! This guy is a planner. I like it!" AND... he did look a little like Clark Kent. Yippee!

And that my friends was the high point of the date... We each got a glass of wine, he ordered some food and then the talking began... please note, none of the below items I am about to share were in his profile. Ah, the joys of online dating.

Subject 1: School & Job
Me: Where did you go to school?
Clark: Well, I went to Seminary in NY for a while and now I'm an atheist.
Me: Woah, back up there. You went to seminary? To be a Rabbi? (Yes, his name is very jewish, I went out on the limb, sue me.)
Clark: Yup. I actually graduated from there, but stopped taken my seminary classes 2 years in.
Me: Ok, so now what do you believe in? (Now, I'm fascinated and want to know more!)
Clark: I don't believe in a higher being. I'm a writer now and am really into what else is out there. I spend a lot of time thinking about the other me in a parallel universe. (At this point I wanted to put my fingers together like Evie from Out of the World and get out of this bar, but am oddly interested at the same time.)
Me: huh? Like the show Fringe?
Clark: I don't watch TV.
Me: But, you're a screenwriter?
Clark: Yes, but I write movies.
Me: Cool, like what?
Clark: Well, nothing has been sold yet.
Me: (OMG. Kill me now.) Another glass of wine?

Subject 2: Fate vs Destiny?
The date then takes a turn when he says something about "everything happens for a reason."
Me: Oh, so you believe in fate? Destiny?
Clark: Um, no. Where did you get that?
Me: Well, isn't fate really when everything happens for a reason?
Clark: No.
Me: huh? (This debate continues on for a few minutes while both of us very strongly stand out ground on our beliefs). Oh look, my glass is empty again! (We're getting 1 ounce tastes of everything. I DO need to drive home!)

After our final tasting, I'm getting a little annoyed. I can really talk to anyone about anything and this is like an interview gone bad, yet for some reason, he wants to keep chatting. Finally, Clark agrees that maybe it is time to go and we head outside to our cars.

Me: Where did you park, maybe we can walk together?
Clark: Oh, not that lot. That's the expensive one.
Me: Um, ok. I parked over there (pointing to a different lot across the street)
Clark: Oh good! That's the lot I parked in too!
Me: Great! (Yes, I'm wearing open-toed heels in the rain and am now annoyed.)

As we get to my car...
Clark: Well, this was fun. Not sure if it's rude to say, but I definitely don't think we have a romantic connection. But, I'd still love to hang out sometime.
Me: Haha! I agree! Great... well, you know where to find me!
Clark: Sounds good - nite! (As he roams around having no idea where his car is.)

No. Neither of us have reached out. And the dating game continues!


  1. Hahahhaa..I understand that situation. I;ve been in that situation too..hehe

  2. An atheist Clark Kent wannabe screen writer, interesting.

  3. If I ever hear "well, you know where to find me!" from a girl at the end of the date, I know things have gone terribly terribly wrong

  4. I spit out my wine when I read the "Who actually looks like Clark Kent??" bit! Can't wait to go back through some of the archives. I'm new to the world of Match.com so this is hillllarious!

  5. Elle- Clark Kent looks like Clark Kent! Oh, yes the archives are my life. My mom called me the other day to ask if I hadn't been dating. She has found my blog and now can online stalk me instead of calling after my dates!