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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Singledom during the holidays...

You're not alone. I went through some holiday depression this holiday season. Woe is me... I'm carrying around some winter weight (tan fat is hands down better than white fat!) and both my sisters have husbands and their own families when I have myself... But, I took that thought and ran with it. I have myself. No one to be responsible for, no extra people to spend money on, no in-laws to deal with during the holidays. No surprise here, but I perked up pretty quick!

This happy holiday attitude was in part to my tweeps and their thoughts on what singledom means to them during the holidays. This is what they came up with. Hope it perks you up too. There
are some pros to being single during the holidays!

Finish this sentence, "Singledom during the holidays means..."
@MyLifeonMatch one less person to shop for!
@lunalove31 i don't have to bring anything thing to my mom's house b/c i dont have a plus 1... YES
@MeetMeninNY not having to go someone else an expensive gift
@Singleintheciti I'm not disappointed when he get's me a crappy gift
@Singleintheciti I don't have to spend time with someone else's family that I may not really like
@LAmoureuseand I don't have to pretend to restrain myself on xmas cake
@MsChick74 being able to kiss more than one guy under the mistletoe!
@ButterandHoney not having to buy &/or receive gifts from significant other where u have to feign excitement. "Gee, thx! U shouldn't have..."
@misstaylorcast I can afford the $200 I just spent on a coat instead of a gift for a bf
@singlegirlie No relationship drama!
@SSDated Bliss. The most fun possible. Sexy fun. Freedom. Whatever your little heart desires
@TheDatingFiles Less Stress!
@CoolAssPuppy More cupcakes for me!
@hotrodgal means no arguing over whose family to spend the holidays with and more eggnog for me!!
@maryjanedupott more $ to buy ME something special and i know i'll like it.
@BSargentOKC one less family to feel awkward around.

And my FAVORITE! @BobbiPal Love can be right around the corner

So, don't have to have a Blue Christmas this holiday season. Live it up! Take that extra cash you would have spent on someone else and join a gym, join an online dating service or just meet up with your friends, have a few cocktails and make fun of all of your married friends that are having to eat dry Turkey and wear an ugly sweater at their in-law's house.

2010 has been a GREAT year for me and I know 2011 will be even better. HUGE cheers and thanks to all my tweeps out there. You guys rock and remind me that I'm not alone in this crazy life of a singleton (during the holidays!)

Make sure to check out the tweeps above and if you're not on twitter yet, 2011 is the perfect time to start. I tweet during dates. Yup... that's reason enough to join! Please pass this post on and finish this sentence in the comments yourself... "Singledom during the holidays means..."

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