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Monday, February 1, 2010

Do I Look Like Craigslist?

2010 has kicked off to a great start! Both Elle and I have been dating (and tweeting!) away, and have a lot of fun stories to share. But to kick of the new year, here is just one of the those "REALLY???" moments.

Last week I got an email to my Match.com inbox. Always excited when I see that light on my blackberry blink red, I read the email first thing in the morning. This is how I kicked off my day...

"I know this may sound weird, and I am little embarrassed to take this approach, but I am hopeful it will have two results. 1) Find some good friends in Los Angeles and 2) Find a nice place to live in Los Angeles by the Spring. I feel very fortunate in my life to be given all so many opportunities and successes. Two weeks ago I was promoted to a Sr. Vice President of a Fortune 500 company. The catch is that I own a home far away and have been commuting everyday. My new office is in LA. The drive isn't ideal, so I found a good friend to lease my home and I now am looking for a place to rent near my office. Because you live in Los Angeles, I am hopeful you might know some people looking for a roommate.

I am in my late 30s, fit, clean, easy going, active, outdoorsy. Like to hike, bike, run, ski... I don't surf, but I want to learn now that I am moving to LA. Did I say that I like to live in a clean home? If you might know someone looking for a roommate or a has a place for rent, please let me know. I also look forward to meeting you and hopeful we can be friends."

How does one even respond to this? "Check out westside rentals and craigslist?" If he's in his late 30s, he should know how to find a new apartment right?

And the dating game called my life continues!

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